Develop the Right Mindset
with Mind-SAT

The Ultimate Security Awareness Training

Prevent Cybersecurity Threats with Practice

Mind-SAT is a powerful tool designed to help businesses increase their overall security awareness through simulated malicious email training. With the rapid growth of phishing scams, particularly through email, security awareness training has become a critical necessity in preventing cybersecurity risks.
Despite the development and release of advanced security tools and applications, recent reports show that human error remains the biggest source of risk. Thus, providing repetitive training and elevating human awareness have proven to be effective ways to reduce the risks and costs associated with cybersecurity threats.

By utilizing Mind-SAT, businesses can rest assured that their employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively identify and avoid malicious emails, thus ensuring optimal protection against cybersecurity threats.

Awareness Training is Now a Global Trend

Simulated Malicious Email Training is a Must

Delivery Routes

Email is the main route of
malware infection globally

Cybersecurity Risk
Reduction Effect

The effect of simulated
malicious email training

Enterprise Security Service
Adoption in Global Industry

Widely used in various
industries around the world

The Right Mind-SAT To
Make Us Stronger

Our Last Line of Defense—A Human Firewall

Increase Security Awareness and Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Mind-SAT is a meticulously designed powerful solution that offers immersive training simulations to bolster your employees’ awareness, preventing cybersecurity incidents before they happen. Build a culture of cybersecurity awareness and safeguard your business from evolving threats.

Easily Setup Personalized Testing
for Realistic Simulations

Our comprehensive Mind-SAT solution offers a range of customizable options to personalize your training simulation according to your organization’s industry, department, and individual roles. We ensure that it is relevant, realistic, and effective for each and every trainee.

Continuous Monitoring &
Fast Improvement

Easily keep track of each and every trainee’s training results and progress, and freely conduct repetitive training for effectiveness and fast improvement of your organization’s overall security awareness. Highly reduce cybersecurity risks with the proper training and monitoring solution.

Our Expectations

Training Process

to Identify Malicious Emails

Key Features of Mind-SAT

Intuitive Dashboard for
Comprehensive Training Overview

Our Mind-SAT platform features an intuitive dashboard that offers a comprehensive overview of your entire training process. With just a glance,
you can gain a clear understanding of your company’s progress and track each trainee’s performance in real-time.

Effortlessly Register Training Resources

Mind-SAT has simple and easy functions to register resources for malicious email simulated training.
You can register training scenarios and other resources including phishing links, images, and attachments.

Detailed Configuration
by Training Phase

Step 1

Training Creation

Specify trainees, training period, and email templates

Step 2

Training Email Status

Check whether simulated email
has been successfully sent

Step 3

Training Results

Check infection status, route, and time per trainee

Step 4

Training Statistics & Analysis

Provide training results with visualizations

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